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Training & Consultancy

Skyguard Training And Consultancy Solutions

The Skyguard range of personal safety devices and accompanying services have been proven in use on a daily basis, to provide highly-effective protection for lone workers and other vulnerable individuals. However, a personal safety solution is only as effective as the knowledge of person using it, and the dependability of the Health & Safety procedures an organisation has in place.

Skyguard takes a holistic approach to lone worker safety, by offering a range of training and consultancy services designed to complement and maximise the effectiveness of the Skyguard service.

”The staff at Skyguard are always very responsive, knowledgeable and friendly. Trust is paramount to provide this type of service and I have been most impressed by the level of support we get.”
Kirsty Parkinson, Quality and Compliance Manager for Smiths Gore

Naturally, every Skyguard client receives introductory training and ongoing support in setting-up their Skyguard account and using the service. In addition to this, we can also offer bespoke training and consultancy solutions tailored to each organisation’s particular requirements.

For more information on how your organisation can benefit from Skyguard’s range of training and consultancy solutions please call 0845 0360 999, or use our Contact Form.