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Twitter Watch

31 October 2012
 October 31, 2012
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Things we’ve noticed on Twitter this week. Here’s a selection of interesting and informative tweets from the past week that we wish to share with you. If you’ve noticed any interesting tweets that you wish to share with us, please let us know by leaving a comment.


Bonfire night – organise for your rubbish to be collected before the weekend to reduce the risk of arson.

BBC Click ‏
Predicting crime – is it a step towards a safer world?

This guy is really living on the ‘hedge’ #DarwinAwards

Metropolitan Police
If trick or treating – Ensure you stay safe by staying with others and try to attend well organised events #celebratesafely

Environment Agency
1 in 6 properties in Eng & Wales at risk of flooding. Are you one of them? Sign up for free flood warnings: #floodaware

Forget Me Not Dementia
Hi, My Names Ryan I’m 17 and I am trying to publish a book to teach kids about dementia.

HSE Press Office
Responsible for first aid in your workplace? Have your say on plans to amend regulations and guidance.

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