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Voice Memo Timer

Convenient and cost effective lone worker solution, compatible with any mobile


Compatible with any mobile phone

No need for dedicated lone worker devices

Skyguard’s Voice Memo Timer enables any mobile phone to raise an alarm (Red Alert) at our Incident Management Centre (IMC), at the press of a button. The service provides cost effective backup to lone workers and vulnerable individuals, without the need to carry additional devices or install software. On activating an alarm our Controllers will assess the situation, reassure the user and follow their personalised escalation procedures. Our online Customer Service Centre (CSC) allows the user or administrator to update their personal details and procedures in real-time, 24/7.

The service also allows the user to leave a voice message (Amber Alert) on Skyguard’s system with details of a client appointment, and set a timer, which if not cancelled, will automatically raise an alarm to the IMC. The memo will be made available to our Controllers providing them with vital information in an emergency.

Easy to use – no software installation required

For raising SOS alarms, the user simply saves our Incident Management Centre number as a speed dial button on their handset. When the speed dial button is pressed, our IMC recognizes the number and presents the Controller with the user’s personal details, as registered on our online portal. A voice call is also made allowing Controllers to listen in, and if it’s safe to do so, talk to the user.

To use the Voice Memo (Amber Alert) feature, the user saves Skyguard’s Voice Memo number as a speed dial button on their handset. On pressing this button, the user can log their daily activities by speaking clearly into the handset to provide details of where they are going and who they are meeting, and then typing in the number of minutes they wish to set for the alarm timer. If the timer is not cancelled, it will automatically raise an alarm at Skyguard’s IMC – here our trained Controllers will be able to listen to the voice message and access the user’s pre-registered escalation procedures. This could include contacting the user to confirm they are safe, notifying a line manager, or summoning the emergency services, as required.

Security questions & duress codes

Skyguard’s solution is so flexible, that if required we can send a SMS message with a personalised security question to the user, once their timer alarm has expired. If the user does not reply with the correct answer, or within a specified time period, the alarm is then raised at Skyguard’s IMC. This feature can be useful in preventing false alarms, should the user forget to cancel a timer. Personalised security questions and answers, and the response time period can be created for each user within Skyguard’s CSC portal. Users can even setup duress codes – a code word or phrase which they can say to notify our Controllers of a certain type of an emergency, without alerting an aggressor.

No additional equipment or capital outlay required

At risk individuals can be protected without the need to carry additional devices and simply using their existing mobile phone, resulting in a cost-effective solution.

Two-way audio with our IMC

Our 24/7, purpose built IMC, accredited to BS 8484:2016 and BS 5979 (Category II), will immediately respond to alarm activations. Two way audio allows our Controllers to communicate with and reassure the user, if it’s safe to do so.

Customer Service Centre

Individual customer access to Skyguard’s online Customer Service Centre (CSC), enables the user or administrator to securely update and maintain their account details and personal information, in real-time 24/7. This means the information is immediately available to Controllers if the alarm is activated. The CSC also allows customers to create bespoke alarm escalation procedures depending on your requirements.


All calls and actions are digitally recorded on secure servers within our IMC, should they be needed as legal evidence. Skyguard’s audio recordings have led to numerous successful prosecutions.

Flexible terms

Our flexible terms mean you don’t need to sign up for lengthy contracts.

You can see how our service works or contact us to request a live demonstration of our MySOS personal alarms and service at a time and place convenient to you.